About Me

During the day I’m a full time Data Scientist at Facebook (If you’re in the area hit me up!). 

Other than that I like thinking of ways I can use what I have to help others! To this end, I enjoy being involved in the effective altruism community, check it out!

I am extremely excited about finding ways to leverage Data Science to help people in developing countries, and I will be going to Uganda soon to see how I can help there!

LoL Experience

Been playing ever since I was a wee lad. Was Diamond2 back in Season 2. Since then I go in and out of actually playing the game, but when I do fall victim to another LoL binge, I typically end up around low Diamond.


Right now though I am mostly focusing on watching worlds. Its been insane!

Rare footage recovered from season 2, depicting me struggling against a Maokai in lane.

But Why "Llama"?

I'll let this speak for itself.


Really, why make Data Llama?

My dream with DataLlama, however farfetched it is, is to start a community of people that leverages the communal skills and resources we've been given to support one another, and to support those in the world that most need it. I hope to help the people in this community by using my knowledge of the Data Science industry to help them in their careers as much as possible. Additionally I hope this community can help me support people in developing countries that desperately need the help. Imagine how crazy it would be if a small community of people, brought together by a mutual love of a VIDEO GAME, joined forces to save hundreds of lives across the globe. That's why on my get involved page I have the option to donate. My goal is to sponsor 100 children in developing countries through DataLlama. I'm supporting 35 right now, but need help to push closer to my goal! Only donate if it is within your means, and if not, any support through encouragement or involvement on the reddit thread is a massive help! :D

Hit me up!


Facebook: datallama

Twitter: @DataLlamaLol

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